Unifi Wireless Uplink

Finally got Wireless Uplink to work with my UniFi APs. Got the Ap-AC-M to connect to my UAP-AC-LR. Verry little documentation on how to get the SSIDs disabled on the wireless uplink station. Article I found prior (https://michaelryom.dk/using-ubiquiti-ac-pro-as-a-wireless-bridge/) is little outdated. Was somewhat helpful still, with the Ubnt support site.

In Settings, under Wireless Networks, you have and Advanced option for the specific Wireless Network you are in, that is called Broadcasting APs. I have to create a new group, remove the wireless up-link AP from it, and apply that profile to the SSIDs on the network. Now the Mesh unit allows my Security lab and the switch behind it full LAN access via wireless up-link.

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